Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake (Large Town)
AL: N.
2,000gp limit (reduced due to recent famine and unrest)

approximately 2,200; Mixed(human 79%, half- elf 8%, dwarf 6%, gnome 3%, elf 2%, halfling 1%, half-orc 1%)

Important Characters and Authority Figures
Govenor-Mayor Lanod Neff
Allustan – Sage and Wizard
Balabar Smenk – mine manager
Chaum Gansworth – mine manager
Ellival Moonmeadow – mine manager
Sherrif Cluben
Tolliver Trask – garrison commander
Lazare – sage and scholar
Jieran Wierus – High priest of St. Cuthbert.

The town of Diamond Lake crouches among the hills surrounding Diamond Lake itself. Once Diamond Lake was famed for its fisheries, but that trade is no more; the shining waters that once gave Diamond Lake its name are now so polluted as to make fishing impossible. Since the discovery of silver and tin in the nearby hills, Diamond Lake has become a dirty, noisy, and often violent mining town, where the rich get richer, and the poor eek out a living in the mines.

Diamond Lake is composed of four districts: Lakeshore, Heart, Northtown, and Southside. Lakeshore is the desperate refuge of miners and the indigent, whereas Southside harbors the slums of Diamond Lake and the laborers who can afford to escape Lakeshore. As one heads away from the lake, the buildings and the spirits of their inhabitants likewise improve. A great earthen road called the Vein bisects the town. With few exceptions, those living north of the Vein (in Northtown) enjoy a much better life than the wretches living south of it. The Heart is a large open square at the center of Diamond Lake, and features the few businesses that manage to turn a profit.

Lakeshore: Composed mainly of decaying fishing warehouses and rotting marinas, Lakeshore is plagued by crippling poverty and rampant crime. Many old warehouses have been converted into cheap housing for miners and laborers, and no one is safe outdoors after dark.
The Rusty Bucket: This popular tavern is rumored to be owned by one of the wealthy mine owners in town.

The Old Piers: The rotting remains of once elaborate piers jut out into the murky, stinking, iridescent waters of Diamond Lake. A few masts peak out from the surface, tombstones of abandoned fishing vessels. Here and there are a few birds and stray dogs, but this part of the town is eerily quiet. A scant few intact boats bob sluggishly in the dark water along the aged piers.

Tilgast’s Ferry: This ferry will shuttle passengers to the other side of Diamond Lake for a modest fee of 1sp. However, the captain, Tilgast, is reluctant to make the passage one-way, as he usually needs extra hands to fend of the aggressive gar that infest the lake.
The Harkness: This is the ship you were told to book passage on to cross Diamond Lake. The slender sailing ship appears to have once been a sleek vessel, now it is falling into disrepair. A small group of scruffy looking men sit at the dock near the ship, gambling and drinking.

The Osgood Foundry: The numerous employees of this smoky, noisy and busy foundry and smithy craft all manner of household items from the ore refined at the Smelting House. A wide selection of masterwork equipment, forged by the famous (in Diamond Lake) smith, Manlin Osgood, is also available. (any masterwork equipment from the PHB made primarily of metal can be found here at a 15% discount)

Smelting House: Diamond Lake’s primary smelting house is located in a massive fortress-workshop perched on the edge of the lake. Runoff slag and chemicals pour into the lake, poisoning the already noxious waters even further.

Jalek’s Flophouse: When the lake turned foul, Diamond Lake’s fishing industry fled the town, leaving empty warehouses and bankrupted fishers. One of those warehouses became Jalek’s Flophouse. Housing nearly a hundred pitiful indigents, most rooms lack doors or any real privacy. However, the Flophouse’s chaotic layout and shifting populace make it one of the best places to disappear in Diamond Lake. The priest of St. Cuthbert, Jieran Wierus frequently visits the flophouse, where he recruits a growing tide of converts.
A room at Jalek’s cost 5cp per person per night. Those unwilling or unable to pay are beaten into payment or retreat by the mute half-orc doorman.

The Heart: The Heart is the central square of Diamond Lake. Shops and expensive residences border the Heart, and merchants, miners and townsfolk of every stripe pass through the Heart on a daily basis. Diamond Lake’s most famous establishments ring the Heart, and one can find nearly anything within its confines.

The Emporium: The Emporium is a combination freak show, tavern, gambling house and brothel. Nearly any form of illicit entertainment can be found within its walls. Any who can afford to (and quite a few who cannot) visit the Emporium to spend their coin.
The Feral Dog: This sleazy tavern on the Heart, Diamond Lake’s central square, is infamous for its seedy customers and nightly pit fights. A gang of indentured criminals casts a broad shadow over the Feral Dog’s squalid interior.

The Church of St. Cuthbert: Within this austere stucco structure, the poorest of Diamond Lake’s poor huddle in a torch-lit sanctuary listening to the fiery sermons of Father Jieran Wierus, a bombastic orator preaching common sense, honesty, and self-sacrifice. Somehow, Wierus’s sermons keep his followers from sliding further into poverty and depravity, and his flock grows daily.

Tidwoad’s: Tidwoad, a cantankerous jeweler runs the closest thing to a bank in Diamond Lake. The elderly gnome is known to operate a theft-proof shop, filled with the finest jewelry and magic baubles. Occasionally an adventurer will stumble across something of worth near Diamond Lake, and Tidwoad’s is the place to sell it. However, the stingy gnome only offers 30% of the item’s value initially

The Sheriff’s Office: Diamond Lake’s version of law enforcement is based here. Under the command of the alcoholic Sheriff Cluben, the six deputies that comprise the constabulary ensure that there is at least a modicum of order in the town. The police care little about crime in general, but decorum insists that they persecute overt crimes committed against Diamond Lake’s more upstanding citizens.

The Storefronts: A motley collection of shops provides most of the equipment the citizens of Diamond Lake might need. Most are dominated by mining equipment: picks, rope, lanterns, helmets, hammers, and various other tools key to the mining trade. Cages of brightly colored canaries fill the air with the flutter of wings and their constant twittering. These stores carry anything listed in the PHB, at a 30% markup.

Southsiide: Located between Lakeshore and the Heart, Southside is only marginally better than Lakeshore itself. Mainly composed of rotting warehouses and ore storage buildings, the only thing that really separates Southside from Lakeshore is the fact that one can’t smell the lake quite as strongly.

The Hungry Gar: This modest inn and tavern on the Heart is a fairly quiet, if expensive place to eat, or stay the night, food and rooms cost double the PHB price.
Able Carter Coaching Inn: Offering carriage services throughout Calledon, the Able Carter Coaching Company connects cities via a fleet of horse-drawn coaches and an inn positioned at every leg of the journey. The Inn offers rooms for 1gp per day.

The Grey Convent: This small temple, a poor imitation of the Ruby Temple you call home, appears to be falling into disrepair. Weeds choke the yard, shutters are missing, and the roof is missing shingles here and there. The heavy wooden doors stand ajar, giving the place a decidedly abandoned feel.

The Boneyard: The cemetery of Diamond Lake is a massive, sprawling affair. Many of the graves show signs of vandalism and neglect. Rumors of undead stalking the silent rows of tombstones keeps many of the townsfolk from entering the cemetery at all. The Greymere Convenat is charged with the upkeep of this cemetery, but it appears they have become lax in their duties.

Southside: The northern part of Diamond Lake, Northtown, is what passes for the wealthy district in this muddy, smoky, lakeside mining town. The houses are nicer (marginally) the air is fresher (slightly) and the people more polite (hardly).
The Garrison: Once a sturdy hilltop keep, today the refurbished ruin of the old keep serves as home to about 60 soldiers stationed here from Istivin. Tasked with patrolling the northern hills, and keeping watch over the orc and goblin infested mountains to the east, the militia is spread very thin. Captain Tolliver Trask is an aging soldier sent to serve out his term at Diamond Lake.

Chapel of Heironeous: A stately chapel dedicated to the Invincible One within the garrison is the worship place for most of the garrison’s soldiers. Lead by the dynamic Valkus Dun, the chapel boasts the second largest congregation in Diamond Lake.
The Govenor’s Manor: The Govenor-Mayor’s sprawling manor house squats atop the hill overlooking Diamond Lake. The manor house is the political apparatus of the town, including several meeting rooms, a courthouse, and numerous bedchambers for visitors of import, should there be any.

Lazare’s House: Those seeking a relatively cultured nightspot often congregate at Lazare’s, a cozy gaming parlor situated at the Heart. Lazare’s exudes a quite sense of class, while inside Diamond Lake’s elite match wits over dragonchess, a popular game of skill and luck. Lazare himself is reputed to be a dragonchess master, though he rarely plays with the patrons of his establishment. Lazare instead entertains himself by hiring himself out as a scholar without peer. He charges 20gp to answer a question, and brags that he will pay out 10 times that amount if a question is asked that he can’t answer.

Diamond Lake

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